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Deactivate or delete managed accounts


Organization admins can delete or deactivate accounts they manage for users who no longer need to use Atlassian account services. When their accounts are deleted or deactivated, users immediately lose access to Jira Cloud and all other Atlassian account services, and we’ll stop billing for their account.

  • If an organization admin deactivates a user’s account, the user’s personal data will remain in Atlassian account services, and the admin can reactivate their account at any time.

  • If an organization admin deletes a user’s account, we’ll delete the user’s personal data from Atlassian account services, and no one will be able to reactivate their account.

An organization admin can delete a previously deactivated account if they decide to later.

What we delete

When you delete a user’s account, we’ll permanently delete their personal data from all Atlassian account services.

Deleting a user’s account will delete dashboards and filters they own, even if the filters or dashboards are shared with other users. You can choose to change the ownership for these shared items so you don’t lose them. Learn more about changing the ownership of a dashboard or filter.

Jira Service Management Cloud external customers will need to contact a site admin to remove their profile information.

We won’t delete:

  • The user’s projects, issues, and comments. The user can delete the projects and issues they’ve created before you deactivate their account. For more information on deleting issues, see Editing multiple issues at the same time. For more information on deleting projects, take a look at Create and edit a project.

  • Personal data in user-generated content. If the user or someone else has included personal data, such as the user’s name, email address, or phone number, in a Jira Cloud project or issue field, it will remain in Jira Cloud until the project, issue, or site is deleted. The user can use the global search function within the product to locate specific personal data terms in free-form text and remove it using the edit tools where permitted. To manually edit and remove data from an issue and its history, edit the free-form text field, clone the issue, and then delete the issue.

Once an account has been deleted, both the account and the personal data in it are gone forever.

How they’ll appear

When you delete a user account, the user will appear as “Former user” in Jira Cloud. Below is an example where the issue’s Reporter is the deleted user.

Issue where reporter is the deleted user

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