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Integrate with GitLab

Connecting your GitLab account to Jira means your team can view their development activity in the context of the Jira issues they’re working on - no need to switch between tools. When a Jira issue key is referenced in a commit, branch, or merge request in GitLab, the Jira issue will update automatically to show the latest development information.

If you set up a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab, Jira will also show build and deployment information on your Jira issues, on the board, on the deployments timeline, and in the Releases hub. Learn more about integrating deployments with Jira.

Connect a GitLab account to Jira

Install the GitLab Marketplace app

  1. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace and install the app GitLab.com for Jira Cloud.

  2. Once the app has installed, follow the link Manage apps. If the app is already installed on your Jira site, log in to Jira and select the Settings icon, then select Apps > Manage apps.

Add your GitLab namespace in Jira

  1. On the Manage apps page in Jira, expand the GitLab for Jira app details and select Get started.

  2. Select Add namespace.

  3. Select or enter the namespace of your GitLab project. If the URL for your project is https://gitlab.com/mynamespace/new-project then the namespace is mynamespace

Set up your Jira integration in GitLab

  1. Log in to your GitLab.com account.

  2. Go to your project and select Settings > Integrations.

  3. Under Add an integration, select Jira.

  4. Enter your Jira site details as follows:

    1. Web URL - your Jira site URL (e.g. https://myjirasite.atlassian.net)

    2. Username or email - the username or email registered on your Jira profile.

    3. Password or API token - create an API token, copy it to your clipboard, and paste it in. Learn more about managing API tokens for your Atlassian account.

  5. Select Test settings to check if the connection is working.

  6. Select Save changes. 

Add Jira issue keys in your commits, branches, and merge requests

To link your team’s development activity to Jira, start including issue keys in commit messages, branch names, and merge request titles. Learn more about referencing issues in your development work.

View a video demo of the GitLab Jira integration.

Set up a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab

  1. Log in to your GitLab.com account.

  2. Go to your project and select CI/CD > Pipelines.

  3. Create a .gitlab-ci.yml file with a pipeline.

  4. Add a deploy stage and set your environment. Learn more about setting up environments in GitLab.

To send build and deployment information from GitLab to Jira, your team must include Jira issue keys in their commit messages and branch names. Whenever a pipeline runs in GitLab, the integration will look for Jira issue keys in the branch name and commit messages. If it finds issue keys, it will send build and deployment information to Jira. This information will be shown in the development panel on your team’s Jira issues, on the board, on the Deployments timeline, and in the Releases hub.

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