Show software releases in a business team calendar


Here’s how to show software release dates in a business teams' calendar.

Stay up to date with a software teams' release dates, and better plan your marketing campaigns or customer-related tasks.

Show and hide software release dates

You’ll need to be the project admin to add software releases to a business team’s calendar.

  1. Select a business project.

  2. From the Calendar view, select …More.

  3. Under Software release dates, select the project you’d like to show.

The releases will be shown to all users on the [business project]. To hide release dates, users can individually disable their Show software releases toggle.

The Release panel in your calendar will show the following:

  • A link to view more details about the release (select the release title).

  • The release status:

    • UNRELEASED indicates the release has not been shipped.

    • RELEASED indicates the release has been shipped.

    • OVERDUE indicates the release has passed its due date.

  • The progress of issues in the release:


  • The start and release dates.

  • The [software projects] selected.



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