Log into or connect to Bitbucket Cloud

The following methods can be used for authenticating with Bitbucket Cloud:

  • If you’re logging into Bitbucket in a web browser, use your Atlassian account login credentials.

  • If you’re using the Git CLI (git), use a personal SSH key.

  • If you require read-only SSH access to a repository or project for scripting, CI/CD tools, or integrations, use repository and project Access keys.

  • If you require user-level access for scripting, CI/CD tools, Bitbucket Cloud apps, or Bitbucket Cloud integrations, use App passwords.

  • If you’re developing a Bitbucket Cloud app or integration, improve your user’s experience by configuring OAuth.

Atlassian account login credentials

Use your login credentials to log into bitbucket.org and other Atlassian products using your web browser. These login credentials can be either:

  • an email and a password.

  • a login from a third-party provider such as Google or Microsoft.

If you're not logging into bitbucket.org using a web browser, you'll need to use one of the other methods described on this page.

For information on Atlassian accounts, read:

Personal SSH keys

Personal SSH keys are used for connecting to Bitbucket using the Git command line interface (git). These SSH keys are suitable for everyday usage of Git. An SSH key may need to be configured to use Bitbucket Cloud with some Git GUI (graphical user interface) apps (where the Git GUI app does not connect through a web browser dialog) such as Git Extensions and TortoiseGit.

If a read-only Access key is suitable; for example, in a CI/CD tool that only uses Git to clone or pull code, use repository and project Access keys.

To set up a Personal SSH key, read Set up an SSH key.

Repository and project Access keys

SSH-based repository and project Access keys are used for connecting to Bitbucket using the Git command line interface (git), and provide read-only access to the repository or project they're created for. These Access keys are useful where read-only SSH access to Bitbucket is required for scripts and automation tools (including CI/CD tools).

To create a SSH-based Access key for:

App passwords

App passwords are single purpose access tokens with reduced user access. These passwords can be useful for scripting, CI/CD tools, and testing Bitbucket connected applications while they're in development. They're sometimes required by third-party applications to connect to Bitbucket Cloud. For details, see: App passwords.


OAuth is a method of authentication used for connecting third-party apps to Bitbucket Cloud, such as Sourcetree and the Visual Studio Code Jira and Bitbucket extension. Users who are logged into Bitbucket are prompted to authorize access to specific information on Bitbucket. To learn about app development with Bitbucket APIs and OAuth, visit: Atlassian Developer — Getting started.

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