Review a pull request

As a reviewer, you'll get a notification that you have a pull request to review. You can also find open pull requests from the Pull requests tab on your Dashboard.

Approve a pull request

  1. When you open a pull request, you'll see diffs of all files changed for the pull request. Start your review by going through all code changes.

  2. Add feedback to the pull request. You can add a comment from the Comments section for the pull request as a whole, at the file level, or by clicking the '+' comment symbol to the left of a line of code.

  3. When you're done reviewing all changes and are satisfied with them, click the Approve button at the top of the pull request.

Decline a pull request

If you aren't satisfied with the proposed changes, you can decline a pull request. To decline a pull request, click the Decline button in the top left of the page.

If you'd like to explain why you're declining, you can add comments before or after. Once you decline a pull request, no one can reopen it. Whoever wants to merge the branch will have to open a new pull request from the same branch.

Additional Help