Glob patterns don't allow any expression to start with a star. Every expression that starts with a star needs to be put in quotes.

  • Matches with feature/<any_branch>.
  • The glob pattern doesn't match the slash ( /), so Git branches like feature/<any_branch>/<my_branch> are not matched for feature/*.
  • If you specify the exact name of a branch, a tag, or a bookmark, the pipeline defined for the specific branch overrides any more generic expressions that would match that branch. For example, let's say you specify a pipeline for feature/* and feature/bb-123-fix-links. On a commit to the feature/bb-123-fix-links branch, Pipelines executes the steps defined for feature/bb-123-fix-links and won't execute the steps defined in the feature/*.
' * '
  • Matches all branches, tags, or bookmarks. The star symbol ( * ) must be between single quotes.
  • This glob pattern doesn't match the slash (/ ), so Git branches like feature/bb-123-fix-links are not matched for '*'. If you need the slash to match, use '**' instead of '*'.
' ** '
  • Matches all branches, tags, or bookmarks. For example, it includes branches with the slash ( /) like feature/bb-123-fix-links. The ** expression must be in quotes.
' */feature '
  • This expression requires quotes.
' master ' and duplicate branch names
  • Names in quotes are treated the same way as names without quotes. For example, Pipelines sees master and ' master ' as the same branch names.
  • In the situation described above, Pipelines will match only against one name (master or ' master', never both).
  • Try to avoid duplicating names in your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file.