users Endpoint - 1.0

Bitbucket Cloud v1 APIs are deprecated

Bitbucket Cloud REST API version 1 is deprecated effective 30 June 2018, and were removed from the REST API permanently on 29 April 2019. Read the deprecation notice. Or you can jump right to the version 2.0 REST API documentation.

Temporary support for limited 1.0 API resources

The 2.0 REST API will rely on the Atlassian Cloud Admin API for user and group management, but those API endpoints are not yet available. Until the Atlassian platform services are fully available in Bitbucket we will continue to support these 1.0 REST endpoints:

  • /1.0/groups

  • /1.0/group-privileges

  • /1.0/invitations

  • /1.0/users/{accountname}/invitations

The 1.0/users endpoints were deprecated. Refer to the /2.0/user and /2.0/users/ resources for similar functionality. 

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