Create a project

Only workspace administrators can create a project.

Every workspace that has projects enabled will have an initial untitled project which contains all the workspace's repositories. To start, give this initial project a meaningful name which you can reference as you create new projects and begin moving repositories. You must have workspace administration permissions to create projects.

To create a project:

  1. Select the Create button.

  2. Select Project from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the Workspace for the project. 

  4. Give the project a Name that is short and easily identifies the work your team will do in the project. The project name populates menus and dashboards.

  5. Note or modify the Key field. The key acts as a unique identifier used in the project URL.

  6. Add a meaningful description which describes the focus of the project. You can see the project description when viewing a list of projects.

  7. Select This is a private project if you only want the project name displayed to members of your workspace. For more information, see the info box below.

  8. Click Change avatar to add or change a custom avatar.

  9. Click Create project.

You can now add repositories to the project you just created using either the Create repository or Add existing repositories.

Private and public projects

Projects can be either visible or hidden from public view. Access to the members of your workspace and the repositories in the project are what determines access to the project itself.

Private projects

  • Can only contain private repositories.

  • Repositories and their associated wiki and issue tracker will only be visible to people who have access to the project in question.

  • The title and details of a private project will only be visible to members of the workspace and people who have access to a repository in the project.

Public projects

  • Are visible to anyone. However, the repositories contained in a public project can be private and hidden from public view.

  • Allow you to host public issue trackers and wiki's in public repositories.


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