Bitbucket Cloud pipelines in VS Code

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Within the Atlassian sidebar, the VS Code extension provides a tree view displaying the Bitbucket pull requests, pipelines, and issues of each repository connected to your current Bitbucket account. 

The tree views can be disabled/enabled from the Atlassian Settings. You can also configure how often the tree views auto-refresh and the frequency of new pull request notifications. You can also manually refresh the tree views at any time by clicking the refresh icon on each tree view's title bar.

View Bitbucket pipelines in VS Code

  1. Select the Atlassian logo on the leftmost sidebar. This opens the Atlassian sidebar which displays any Jira issues and Bitbucket pull requests, pipelines, and issues connected to your current Bitbucket or Jira account. These panels should be displayed by default; if not, click on the title bar of each to open and display any issues, pull requests or pipelines.

  2. Click on a build in the Pipelines tree to display the Build Details screen, which displays the build logs.

Start a new pipeline

You can start a new pipeline by either right-clicking on a branch name in the Pipelines tree view, or by using the right-click context menu available in any source code editor.

Edit the Bitbucket Pipelines configuration file

The extension provides IntelliSense code completion support for editing bitbucket-pipelines.yml files.

Simply open up a file named bitbucket-pipelines.yml and start typing. You can always press CTRL+space on Windows or Command+space on macOS to see the available completion options.

Completion options are context sensitive in relation to where your cursor is within the file.

If you don’t see any completion options, make sure your cursor is indented properly. YAML is highly sensitive to whitespace, and completions will only show up with proper indentation.

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