Transition Jira issues during a pull request merge

When you connect your Jira site with a Bitbucket workspace, you can associate Jira issues with a pull request. This feature allows you to change a Jira issue status while you are merging a pull request.


  • The Jira instance where you have your issues has to be associated to your workspace.

  • There has to be a pull request with at least an associated issue key in Bitbucket.

  • You have to merge a pull request to see the issue transition screen.


  1. In Bitbucket, select a pull request with an associated issue key. In the pull request view, you can see the list of issues associated with that pull request in the Jira issues panel located on the right-hand side of the screen.

  2. When you’re ready to merge the pull request, click Merge. In the merge screen, you can see the list of issues you can transition. 

  3. Select the issues you want to transition and change their status. Note: You can only transition to statuses that don’t require filling out fields regardless of the field being mandatory or not. 

  4. Click Merge to merge your pull request. Note: The issues status will be changed in Jira as well.

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