Bitbucket Cloud comes with keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly access pages and features. Most shortcuts are a combination of keys – you press one key and then the next key in sequence. 

  • To view a list of keyboard shortcuts for your current page: Press ? (question mark) on your keyboard.
  • To disable or enable keyboard shortcuts: Click your profile avatar > click Personal settings. Check or uncheck the Shortcuts checkbox to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts.

The following table includes the keyboard shortcuts available in Bitbucket. To get a better idea of what shortcuts are available for each page, press the ? key in Bitbucket.

When you see a shortcut with a capital letter, you must first enter the CAPS LOCK to use that shortcut. SHIFT and the letter won't work.

Bitbucket page(s)ActionShortcut
All pagesDisplay keyboard shortcuts?
Expand and collapse left navigation[
Focus the site search/

Most pages

(except for Your work and the repository Source)

Open the Omnibar.
Select next itemJ
Select previous itemK
View selected item




Go to Your work dashboardG then D
Go to your Personal settingsG then A
Dismiss dialog or remove focusESC
Go backU
Repository pages with sidebarExpand and collapse right sidebar]
Repository SourceFocus the file filterF

Repository pages

(except for Source)

Create a repositoryC then R
Import a repositoryI then R
Open repository Source

R then S


R then O

Open repository CommitsR then C
Open repository BranchesR then B
Open repository Pull requestsR then P
Open repository IssuesR then I
Open repository WikiR then W
Open repository DownloadsR then D
Open Repository settingsR then A
Search for fileF

Repository pages

(except for Source and Settings)

Fork repositoryX then F
Create branchX then B
Compare branches or tagsX then C
Create pull requestX then P
Create issueX then I
Pull requestsSubmit a comment


Toggle display of inline commentsT then C
Switch to the pull request diff tabP then D
Switch to the pull request commits tabP then C
Switch to the pull request activity tabP then A
Show the list of tasksSHIFT then T