Keyboard shortcuts

Bitbucket Cloud comes with keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly access pages and features. Most shortcuts are a combination of keys – you press one key and then the next key in sequence. 

  • To view a list of keyboard shortcuts for your current page: Press ? (question mark) on your keyboard.

  • To disable or enable keyboard shortcuts: Click your profile avatar > click Personal settings. Check or uncheck the Shortcuts checkbox to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts.

The following table includes the keyboard shortcuts available in Bitbucket. To get a better idea of what shortcuts are available for each page, press the ? key in Bitbucket.

When you see a shortcut with a capital letter, you must first enter the CAPS LOCK to use that shortcut. SHIFT and the letter won't work.

Bitbucket page(s)



All pages

Display keyboard shortcuts


Expand and collapse left navigation


Focus the site search


Most pages

(except for Your work and the repository Source)

Open the Omnibar


Select next item


Select previous item


View selected item




Go to Your work dashboard

G then D

Go to your Personal settings

G then A

Dismiss dialog or remove focus


Go back


Repository pages with sidebar

Expand and collapse right sidebar


Repository Source

Focus the file filter


Repository pages

(except for Source)

Create a repository

C then R

Import a repository

I then R

Open repository Source

R then S


R then O

Open repository Commits

R then C

Open repository Branches

R then B

Open repository Pull requests

R then P

Open repository Issues

R then I

Open repository Wiki

R then W

Open repository Downloads

R then D

Open Repository settings

R then A

Search for file


Repository pages

(except for Source and Settings)

Fork repository

X then F

Create branch

X then B

Compare branches or tags

X then C

Create pull request

X then P

Create issue

X then I

Pull requests

Submit a comment


Toggle display of inline comments

T then C

Switch to the pull request diff tab

P then D

Switch to the pull request commits tab

P then C

Switch to the pull request activity tab

P then A

Show the list of tasks

SHIFT then T

Additional Help