Link repositories to Compass components

A repository is usually linked to one Compass component. However, you can link multiple components to a single repository.

You can add lots of information to components, including the source code they relate to, their owners, supporting documentation, and the work being done on them.

For example, a repository called login-srv is represented as a service component in your Compass catalog, which is owned by a team called Orbit Mind. The team has also added two help chat channels to the component.

The Orbit Mind team linked their login-srv repository to the equivalent Compass component, so that component’s information also shows on the repository. Other teams interacting with the repository can see who owns it and how to get help with it.

A Bitbucket repository with a card showing information about its equivalent Compass component.

Before you begin

You must be an site admin or higher to take the steps in this section.

Connect Bitbucket Cloud to Compass

If you’ve already created Compass component from repositories, this link is already established and you don’t have to take these steps.

  1. In Bitbucket, find the repository you want to link to a Compass component.

  2. Go to the repository’s Source page, and copy the URL in your browser’s address bar.

  3. In Compass, find the component you want to link the repository to.

  4. Go to the component’s Overview page, and paste the repository URL in the Repository field.

A Compass component's Overview page, focused on where you add the component's equivalent Bitbucket repository link.

The repository will now have a Compass component card that gives more context around the repository, so teams interacting with it can quickly see who owns it, any dependencies it has, and how to get help with it.

Additional Help