Integrate another application through OAuth

The protocol used to make the connection between one web application and another, is called OAuth. When connecting an application to Bitbucket Cloud, OAuth displays a dialog for your users to grant access.

Integrate an application by adding the OAuth consumer to the account:

  1. Select the Settings cog on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Workspace settings under Bitbucket Administration from the Settings dropdown menu.
    If you're giving access to a workspace, make sure you have administrative access.

  3. Select OAuth consumers under Apps and Features on the left navigation sidebar.

  4. Select Add consumer. The Add OAuth consumer page appears.

  5. Enter the application Name you want to integrate.
    For example, you might enter Bitbucket cards.

  6. Provide a brief Description to help recall why the link was made.

  7. Enter the Callback URL of the application. Bitbucket directs users to this URL after access authentication. For the sake of this example, you would enter:
    You can also enter a second optional URL where users can learn more about your application.

  8. Now add Permissions to the integrated application. You can allow different types of access to each part of your account:

    1. Email: Permission to read your account's primary email address.

    2. Read: Permission to read your account's information, workspace membership, repositories, etc.

    3. Write: Permission to write to your account's information, workspace membership, repositories, etc.

    4. Admin: Permission to administer your account's repositories.

  9. Select Save.
    Your addition appears in the list of OAuth consumers. Once the application successfully connects, it also appears in the OAuth Integrated applications list.

After you add your OAuth consumer, account owners or workspace administrators can give your application access to their workspace from the Grant Access button in the image above. Anything you could do when logged into Bitbucket, your application can do also. So for example, if they have read/write access to all of the workspace, your application does as well.

Additional Help