Import a repository from GitHub or GitLab

Importing the repository into Bitbucket

  1. Select the Create button and select Repository from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click Import repository from the Create a new repository dialog.

  3. Enter the URL.

  4. Select the Workspace.

  5. Select the Project.

  6. Enter a Name for your new repository.

  7. If you want the repository to be public, uncheck This is a private repository.

  8. Select Import repository.

Once the repository’s imported, you can get to work on your local system by cloning your repository.

Github and Gitlab authentication

Github and Gitlab require a personal access token for authentication. Be sure you are using the proper credentials you'd use to clone the repository on Github/Gitlab.

For more information on creating and using repository access tokens in Bitbucket Cloud, check out the Repository Access Tokens topic set in our support documentation.

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