Set email aliases

Email aliases are email addresses associated with your account. You automatically have a primary email alias, which is your Atlassian account email address. In addition to your primary email alias, you can add additional email addresses as aliases. This is useful to let people find your commits using an email which is not your main address.

Bitbucket Cloud also maps your configured DVCS to your account when it includes any email aliases you've added and confirmed. If none of your email aliases map to your DVCS email address, Bitbucket doesn't associate your account with the commit. In the following image for example, the second (top) commit includes a mapped DVCS and Bitbucket account. Alternatively, the user on the initial (bottom) commit is not mapped. As you can see when you hover over the avatar or username, the following words appear: Author not mapped to Bitbucket users.

Author not mapped to Bitbucket user - on commit

Once you've added your email address as an email alias, configure your DVCS for that email address. See Configure your DVCS username for commits for more details.

Update your primary email alias

Your primary email alias is your Atlassian account email address. You use this email alias to log in and receive notifications from Bitbucket.

You can only change your Atlassian account email address if your account is unmanaged. If your account is managed, your administrator has claimed your domain and you can't change it.

To change your Atlassian account email address:

  1. From your profile avatar in the bottom left, click Personal settings.

  2. Select Email aliases under General.

  3. From the Email aliases page, click manage your Atlassian account.

  4. From your Atlassian account, click Change email address.

  5. Enter your new email address and click Change email.

  6. To complete the process, you need to confirm your new email address. Go to your new account's email and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.

Add an email alias

Email aliases are different from the email address that you use to log in to Bitbucket Cloud. They are additional email addresses that identify your account.

To add an email alias:

  1. From your profile avatar in the bottom left, click Personal settings.

  2. Select Email aliases under General.

  3. From the Email aliases page, enter your email address in the Enter email address field.

  4. Click Add.

To remove an email alias, click the x icon to the left of the alias.

Confirm your email address

When you add a new email alias to your account, Bitbucket sends you an email containing a confirmation link. Until you confirm that email address, Bitbucket can't display your account name with your commits properly and other users can't find you by that email alias. If you haven't confirmed your email address, a banner appears across the top of Bitbucket when you log in.

If you've misplaced your confirmation email or it expired, do the following:

  1. From your avatar in the bottom left, click Personal settings.

  2. Select Email aliases under General.

  3. Click the resend confirmation link next to the address.

  4. Open the confirmation message in your email to confirm.

Additional Help