Enable an issue tracker

You can choose whether your Bitbucket Cloud project includes an issue tracker or not. You need administrator permission for the repository to have access to the Bitbucket repository settings.

Enabling the Issue Tracker

  1. From a repository, select Repository settings.

  2. Select Issue tracker under Issues on the left sidebar.

  3. Check the option for either a Private issue tracker or a Public issue tracker.The system saves your selection and the Issue Tracker item appears in the repository's menu bar.   

How the Issues service supports the issue tracker

The Issues service allows you to move issues through the tracker by adding <issue#> <command> keywords in your commit messages.  For information on using these in your commit messages, see Resolve issues automatically when users push code.

Want a more powerful issue tracker?

If you find that the issue tracker lacks the features you need, you can integrate Bitbucket with Jira, to get the seamless integration of issues and code. 

Making your Bitbucket Issues Private or Public


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