Use Smart Mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud

Smart mirroring is being deprecated

Starting on April 21, 2021, smart mirroring in Bitbucket Cloud will no longer be available for new installations. Existing installations will continue to function as usual, but we will no longer be supporting this feature.

Smart Mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud is a Premium feature.

If you used our Premium free trial but didn't upgrade to Premium, Bitbucket will stop syncing with your mirror. Upgrade your account to a Premium plan to continue getting full functionality with your Smart Mirror.

Learn more about Bitbucket Premium.

Mirroring for Bitbucket

  • Smart Mirrors can greatly improve Git clone, fetch and pull times.

  • Perfect for globally distributed teams working with large repositories.

  • Large repos that take hours to clone over the Internet can take minutes when cloned from a local mirror on a fast network.

  • Mirroring works with Git Large File Storage in Bitbucket and makes cloning huge binary files dramatically faster.

  • If you want to mirror a Bitbucket Server instance, see Smart Mirroring instead.

Set up your Bitbucket mirror

Use your Bitbucket mirror

There's a couple of things to know:

  • The mirror is read-only – you push to your Bitbucket Cloud account, but clone, fetch and pull from your local mirror.

  • Mirrors automatically sync changes in the background – no need to manually keep your mirror up to date.

  • You can mirror all the projects in your accounts or just specific ones.

  • Read more about how to Work with Bitbucket Smart Mirroring.

Troubleshoot your Bitbucket mirror

We've provided answers for the problems that can occur when setting up and using Smart Mirroring with Bitbucket Cloud. Check out Troubleshoot Smart Mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud to get up and running.

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