Transfer repositories and groups to a workspace

As an administrator of a workspace, you can transfer repositories and groups from one workspace to another. 

Before beginning the process, decide which workspace you want to keep. If you are already paying for one of your workspaces (meaning it has more members), you may want to keep that one.

If you are an Atlassian Cloud account holder, Atlassian automatically created a Bitbucket Cloud workspace for you when you signed up for Cloud. You must use this workspace as your KEEP_ACCOUNT when merging two Bitbucket accounts.

Step 1. Transfer the repositories from the account you don't want

Before you transfer a repository containing one or more Pipelines, make a note of the Deployment variables you have applied to the Pipelines as these variables are not transferred at this time. Note: If you have already transferred the repository, transfer it back to the original workspace, and then make a note of the Deployment variables so you can add them once you have transferred the repository to the destination workspace.

To transfer all repositories out of existing accounts, you must have admin access:

  1. Click Repository settings on the left sidebar of each repository for the account.

  2. From the Repository details page, click Transfer repository.

  3. Enter the workspace ID (only) for the New owner.

  4. Click Transfer.

When you transfer a repository to another owner, Bitbucket sends an email to the workspace administrators or the account holder. The email contains a link to a page that allows the user to accept or reject the transfer. If the user has administrative access to more than one workspace, they can transfer the repository into any of these accounts.

Step 2. Accept the transferred repositories on the account you want

If you own the account with the repositories you're transferring, you'll be able to accept the transfer right away. Otherwise, you'll need to do a few more things:

  1. Log in to the account with the workspace you want to keep.

  2. Look for the Repository transfer request email.

  3. Click the View transfer request button.

  4. Select a project and press Accept.

When the transfer is accepted, Bitbucket automatically updates all the repository URLs on the Bitbucket site. As a result, all your workspace members will need to clone with the new URLs or update their repository URLs in the configuration file.

When you transfer a repository, it doesn't inherit the set permissions for the members in the new workspace. After receiving the transfer, you can grant appropriate permissions for your repositories and create user groups for your workspace if necessary.

Step 3. (Optional) Manually re-create groups on the account you're keeping

You only need to do this step if there are groups and users that you want to add to the account you're keeping:

  1. From the account you don't want:

    1. Navigate to User groups.

    2. Identify any users and groups you may want to move over. You may want to take a screen capture or write down the groups and users you'll want.

  2. From the account you're keeping:

    1. Navigate to User groups.

    2. Add any groups and their members that were on the other account.

After you're done moving all your repositories and groups, you may want to delete the account you're no longer using or rename either account.

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