Limits for viewing content and diffs

Certain types of resources can be quite large, requiring excessive processing on Bitbucket Cloud. Because of this, limits are set to ensure requests complete in a reasonable amount of time.

Diff limits

Because diffs can become very large, we impose these limits on diffs for pull requests:

  • A file's diff cannot exceed 2000 changed lines or 102,400 bytes (100 KB) of raw diff data.

  • The entire diff cannot exceed 8000 changed lines.

  • The maximum number of files in a single diff is limited to 200.

Suggestions for keeping manageable pull requests

  • Exclude files from your pull request to help make the review process cleaner and more efficient. Learn more

  • If you need to keep large files in Bitbucket, consider introducing Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) as part of your workflow, and Use BFG to migrate a repo to Git LFS.

  • You can tell Git to exclude files from commits by adding pathname patterns to a file called .gitignore in the directory containing your local repository. 

  • Try to make the pull request small enough to review but large enough to give you the context of the feature, bug fix, or update. Consider creating one pull request per concern, such as a feature, bug fix, dependency upgrade, or an API change.

Viewing files individually

  • When the limits listed above are reached, the pull request loads files individually. You can navigate between files by using the file tree in the right sidebar or the navigation buttons in the header.

  • To load files individually across all your pull requests, select the Settings button, then select Individually under the Load files heading on the Global diff view settings dialog, and select the Save button.

Additional Help