Limitations of Bitbucket Pipelines

This page lists the limitations in Bitbucket Pipelines. 

IP protocol 

  • Pipelines only support IPv4.

Build minutes

Your Bitbucket plan comes with a set number of build minutes each month:

Plan type


Build minutes included

Large file storage included

Parallel steps included

Overage protection


$3 per user/month

Flat rate of $15/month for 1 - 5 users



Build minutes: 2,500 min/month

Large file storage: 5 GB total

Parallel steps: up to 100

Included 1 2


$6 per user/month

Flat rate of $30/month for 1 - 5 users


Build minutes: 3,500 min/month

Large file storage: 10 GB

Parallel steps: up to 100

Additional features

  • Merge checks

  • Deployment permissions

  • IP allowlisting

  • Require 2SV

  • Access controls

Included 1 2


$0 for up to 5 users

Build minutes: 50 min/month

Large file storage: 1 GB total

Parallel steps: 10 total

Not included

Find more about plans and billing here.

Push limits

Accidentally triggering build pipelines can quickly use up your build minutes. To prevent this, we don’t run any pipelines for pushes that involve more than five tags, bookmarks, or branches.

Feature requests

You can review and request additional features for Bitbucket Pipelines or changes to these limits on our public issue tracker.

Additional Help