Find and share projects

The quickest way to find a project you are currently working on is to click Projects in the left navigation sidebar and then select the project that you are working on from the list.

Find a project in a workspace:

  1. From your avatar in the bottom left, select the workspace or click All workspaces for a full list from which to choose.

  2. Click Projects in the sidebar.

  3. Select the project you want to view.

Finding the project from the breadcrumb links in a repository

If you know the repository you're looking for, but not the project, just navigate to the repository and in the breadcrumb links at the top of the page you will see: the workspace name / the project name / the repository name. Just click on the project name to see the project landing page and any repositories in the project to which you have access.

Sending a project link to someone

You can copy the URL of the project landing page and send that link to anyone that can access the project.

Additional Help