Update your username

Changing your Bitbucket username changes the username you use for basic authentication, including cloning a repository over HTTPS. Previously, changing your username changed every URL that referenced your repositories. This now occurs when you change your workspace ID. For more information on changing your workspace ID, refer to Change a workspace ID

You can't convert an individual account to a Bitbucket team and vice versa. As an alternative, you can Transfer repositories and groups to your team to reassign existing repositories to a team.

Update your username in Bitbucket

Change your username in Bitbucket.

  1. Select the Settings cog on the top navigation bar, then select Personal Bitbucket settings.

  2. From the Account settings page, click change next to the Username.

  3. Enter your new Bitbucket username.

  4. Select Change.

You'll need to log out and log back in after making the change.

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