Add and configure security with Snyk

How does Snyk work

Snyk (pronounced sneak) is a developer security platform that tests for vulnerabilities in your own code, open source dependencies, container images and infrastructure as code. Developers use Snyk to quickly find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and fix them with easy-to-use remediation advice.

Add Snyk security

Adding a security provider to your Bitbucket Cloud repository secures your team’s workflow from code to deployment.

By adding Snyk as your security provider, all new Snyk users are eligible for a free, 30-day Business plan trial. At the end of your free trial, you will become a Snyk Free plan user. No credit card is required to sign up, or you can purchase the Snyk Business plan. 

To add Snyk to Bitbucket Cloud:

  1. Select Your profile avatar.

  2. Select the workspace or click All workspaces for a full list. You must be the admin of the workspace where you want to install the security app.

  3. Select the Settings cog on the top navigation bar.

  4. Select Workspace settings from the Settings dropdown menu.

  5. Select Marketplace under Apps and Features on the left navigation sidebar.

  6. Find Snyk Security for Bitbucket Cloud in the App Marketplace list.

  7. Select the Add button associated with the Snyk app.

  8. Select Grant access in the Review permissions panel to install the app.

Access security

To access the Snyk security app you’ve integrated with your Bitbucket Cloud workspace, select Snyk on the left navigation sidebar.

Synk resources

Synk plans

For detailed plan information, visit when your complimentary 30-day business trial ends.

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