Configure automatic team invitations

You can add users to a Bitbucket group through either Bitbucket or Jira Data Center. These groups are defined in a Bitbucket account (workspace). When you add users, they receive an email invitation to join Bitbucket and the account group. To join a group, users must already have their own individual Bitbucket accounts. Each invitation contains a link that takes a user to Bitbucket, where they finish joining by providing their account (or by creating an account if necessary).

When you add users through Bitbucket, you can supply a user's Bitbucket account name or their email. If you are using Jira Data Center, you have options for adding Jira Data Center users manually or automatically (by a public signup). These users receive invitations only from the Bitbucket accounts you've configured to send them. 

Decide on a configuration strategy for adding users to account groups

Before you configure automatic user sign up, decide which strategy for adding users to Bitbucket Cloud works best for your situation.

Which description best matches your situation?

The configuration we recommend you should use:

All of my Jira users should belong to one or all of my Bitbucket Cloud groups.

Automatically invite new Jira users to a Bitbucket Cloud account's group when they become Jira users.

I add my users manually to my Jira Data Center instance.

Automatically invite new Jira users to a Bitbucket account's group. Optionally, change the Bitbucket groups for the user when you add them to Jira .

I've enabled automatic sign up on Jira but only a small set of Jirausers should be a member of this workspace.

Prevent the automatic invitation of new users. Manually add users to groups through Bitbucket.

I've enabled automatic sign up on Jirabut some Jira users should belong to one Bitbucket group in a specific workspace and other users need to belong to another.

Set the groups that users are automatically invited to join

  1. Log into Jira as a user with administrative rights.

  2. Go to ApplicationsDVCS accounts in the Jira admin area.

  3. Locate the account to configure. If you don't see your account, click Link Bitbucket Cloud account to start the connection process.

  4. Choose Configure automatic access from the More options menu.

  5. Select the groups you want new Jira users assigned to, in the 'Configure automatic access' dialog.
    New Jira Data Center users will automatically be added to the groups you select, and will be invited to join Bitbucket. When the user joins, they have the group access to your project. 
    To prevent users from being invited to join groups, deselect those groups.

  6. Click Save.

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