Integrate Slack with Pipelines

Pipelines can notify Slack about pipeline and deployment results, repository wide, or only for specific branches in addition to the existing Bitbucket notifications.

Install the Slack app

  1. Open the repository you wish to configure notifications for.

  2. Click Repository settings and select Slack > Settings.

  3. Press the Connect button under Slack. A dialog for Slack login might open if you are not already logged in.

  4. Choose the Slack workspace to connect to your repository.

You will receive an automated welcome message in Slack.


Configure the notifications

Notifications can be configured for the whole repository or on a per-branch basis.

  1. Open one of the repositories you have connected to Slack.

  2. Click Repository settings then, select Slack > Settings.

  3. Select the down arrow  to the right of the relevant branch, or add a new one if needed.

  4. Choose the notifications to receive.

It can be helpful to set notifications on a per-branch basis. For example, it may be important to receive pipeline fixed notifications for your default main branch, but not for other branches in the repository

For Pipelines we have the notifications:

  • pipeline succeed

  • pipeline failed

  • pipeline fixed (for a successful completion after a failed attempt)

  • deployment succeeded

  • deployment failed (this includes error states)

  • deployment stopped (including paused due to concurrency)

The default configuration is shown here:

Slack notification default selections

Notebuild failed and build succeeded are for external third-party build tools and do not include Bitbucket Pipeline notifications.

If you receive failed pipeline notifications in Slack, you can re-run your failed build from within your Slack channel.

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