What is a workspace?

A workspace is where you will create repositories, collaborate on your code, and organize different streams of work in your Bitbucket Cloud account. Below is how the URLs will be formatted for any repositories you create in your workspace:

www.bitbucket.org/<workspace ID>/<repo name>

Workspaces provisioned in Atlassian Administration

As Bitbucket Cloud is transitioning to become fully nested in Atlassian Administration with our other products, workspaces can and will reside in one of two administration platforms. Previously workspaces were administrated only within the Bitbucket platform, now all our new workspaces are administrated in Atlassian Administration. We would like to help you better understand the importance of getting into Atlassian Administration as well as outline what is different between these two administration platforms.

At this time we do not support converting workspaces administered in Bitbucket Cloud into a workspace associated with your organization and managed in Atlassian Administration. For the latest updates, you can follow this roadmap item.

Migrating from server or data center to cloud and want to switch to a workspace provisioned in Atlassian Administration?

Start a cloud migration trial to create a new workspace provisioned in Atlassian Administration and continue on your migration journey.

What’s different with Bitbucket workspaces provisioned in Atlassian Administration?

What’s changing?

What’s different with Atlassian Administration Workspaces?

User management

User management is now done in Atlassian Administration which is also where your organization and any other associated Atlassian products reside. This also means that your workspace is not administrated in Bitbucket Cloud anymore.

You now manage granting users access to Bitbucket Cloud workspaces and assigning the admin role to any workspace administrators in Atlassian Administration.

Managing permissions that grant access to content in Bitbucket Cloud such as projects and repositories will continue to be done directly in Bitbucket.

User invites

User invites are managed in Atlassian Administration. Only org admins and user access admin can grant user product access to Bitbucket Cloud workspaces. Non-admins can no longer invite users into the Bitbucket Cloud workspaces.

SCIM/Identity/AD sync

With Atlassian Guard Standard (formerly known as Atlassian Access), you can now use active directory tools to manage your user base within your organization in Atlassian Administration.


Bitbucket Cloud’s built-in issue tracker and wikis are not supported in Atlassian Administration workspaces. For issues, we recommend you take advantage of our native Jira integration. For wikis, consider using Confluence across your organization.

Workspace creation


Because of our move to Atlassian Administration, we are no longer offering the ability to create a workspace directly in Bitbucket Cloud. In an effort to mitigate change while continuing to provide you with ways to collaborate with your team, we recommend creating a project within an existing workspace where you can set the necessary permissions to work with your team and organize your workflow to help ensure you’re deploying quality code. Learn more about creating and managing projects

Where can I create a workspace?

Now that Bitbucket Cloud has joined Atlassian Administration, workspaces are no longer created in Bitbucket, but rather in Atlassian Administration which means you can manage all your Atlassian products, integrations, and users in one place. Create a workspace in Atlassian Administration or learn more about Atlassian Administration.

People’s Page

The Members page which can be accessed via the People tab in the Workspace navigation bar is no longer supported in Atlassian Administration workspaces. Org admins and user access admins can view and manage users in a workspace in Atlassian Administration. Product admins can view the user directory in Workspace settings.

API Changes

As mentioned in previous communications, our APIs are getting updated. For more information on what's changing, breaking, and being deprecated, refer to our developer documentation.

How to change a workspace ID

You can change your workspace ID (aka workspace slug) in Bitbucket Cloud; however, this will change the URL for all the repositories, snippets, and static websites for that workspace.

Changing the workspace ID will change all of the URLs for any repositories, snippets, and static websites associated with your account; however, you can change the workspace name which will not affect your repository URLs. Read the page Change workspace ID for specific instructions and important considerations about the impact of this change. 

If you or your team owns more than one workspace, you can see all of the workspaces in which you are a member by selecting your profile avatar and then All workspaces in the profile and settings menu.

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