Add repositories to a project

If you want to add a repository to a project it must already be in the workspace. To change ownership of a repository see Transfer repository ownership.

There are several ways to add repositories to a project:

  • In a new project you can use the Add existing repositories link, which will display a list of repositories in that workspace.

  • In the repository settings you can change the Project field to a different project, which will move the repository to that project.

  • Use the Create repository link on the Projects dashboard or from the Repositories menu. Once you have projects enabled you'll have to select a project for every new repository.

You cannot move a public repository to a private project.

To add an existing repository to a project

  1. Navigate to the repository you want to add to your project.

  2. Click Repository settings in the left sidebar.

  3. Select the project from the Project menu, where you want to move the repository.

  4. Click Save repository details

You'll see that the project changes in the breadcrumb links at the top of the page. Click the second link to navigate to the project recently assigned to the repository.

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