Manage email notifications for watched objects

Bitbucket Cloud sends you email notifications about activity that takes place in your account or things you watch. You can watch objects that belong to you or objects that belong to other accounts you can access, such as another workspace.

You can also configure a per-repository mailing list for issues. For information on setting up mailing lists, see Setting email preferences for an issue tracker.

Bitbucket notifications

While you can unsubscribe from certain notifications, you can't turn off notifications from Bitbucket when:

  • Another user mentions you in a comment.

  • Your access to a repository or workspace changes.

Bitbucket automatically sets some watches for you, for example, on objects you create or participate in. Bitbucket automatically sets a watch for:

  • Repositories you create.

  • Pull requests you create.

  • Issues or pull requests you comment on.

Any Bitbucket notification email larger than 6 MB will be suppressed and not delivered. If an email notification is not delivered, verify the size of the message or content provided, such as in the pull request comment or description, that generated the notification.

Watch a repository

Any single repository encompasses many objects and activities often too numerous to watch individually. When you watch a repository, you receive notifications about objects created or actions occurring in that repository. As a result, you'll get notified when another user:

  • Creates or updates a pull request. Updates include new commits, comments, and workflow changes.

  • Pushes a commit or comments on an existing commit.

  • Forks the repository.

  • Creates a new issue or updates an existing one. Updates include new comments, updates, and transitions through the workflow.

  • Changes the wiki by creating a new page or updating an existing one.

These notifications go to your email unless you disable receiving email notifications (see below). To stop receiving notifications, you can also stop watching individual repositories or all repositories at once.

To watch a repository:

  1. From the repository, select the (more options) button in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select Watch repository from the menu.

Stop watching an object

You can update what objects your watching from the Notifications page.

  1. Select the Settings cog on the top navigation bar, then select Personal Bitbucket settings.

  2. Click Notifications under General to display the Notifications page.

  3. To see which object you're watching, click Manage next to the object under You are watching.

  4. Hover over an individual object and press the Watch  button on that object to stop watching it. Or click Unwatch all to stop watching all objects of that type.

  5. Press Close when you're done.

Enable or disable email notifications

Email notifications go to your primary email. If you have multiple email addresses defined for your account, only your primary email address receives notifications.

  1. Select the Settings cog on the top navigation bar, then select Personal Bitbucket settings.

  2. Click Notifications under General.

  3. Depending on your current setting, click Enable email or Disable email.

When email is disabled, the Email me about settings aren't available.

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