Storage policy for Git LFS with Bitbucket

Each Bitbucket Cloud pricing plan comes with a set amount of Git LFS file storage, but you can buy additional storage.

How much storage do I get with my pricing plan? 

Below are the storage allocations for the different user tiers available on Bitbucket:

Account plan

Storage limit

Free (up to 5 users)

1 GB


5 GB

Standard (5+ users)

5 GB

Premium (5+ users)

10 GB

Navigate to Repository settings > Git LFS from your account menu in Bitbucket to check your available storage.

Note that there's no limit on the LFS file size you can push to Bitbucket Cloud.

How much does additional storage for Git LFS cost?

Once users who push to your workspace or account repositories have gone through the available storage, you can pay for additional storage in units of 100 GB. If you use beyond what's included with your plan, we'll automatically add more storage as shown in the following table:



100 GB of file storage

Your monthly bill goes up $10.

Learn more about managing your billing and plan

How can I reclaim LFS space in my account?

Read how to Delete Git LFS files from a repository to reclaim LFS space in your account.

Acceptable Use Policy

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