Use the issue tracker

When you add a repository to Bitbucket Cloud, you also get an issue tracker. This is the place to track your project's feature requests, bug reports and other project management tasks. We keep the Bitbucket issue tracker very simple and yet somewhat flexible. It has just a few configurable fields (component, version and milestone) – you can use them any way you want.

Create an issue for a repository

Creating bug reports, improvement requests and tasks is as simple as creating an issue of the appropriate type.

  1. Go to the repository's Issues in the left panel.

  2. Click Create Issue (in the center if you don't have issues and in the top right corner if you do).

  3. Fill in the fields on the issue form.

  4. Press Create issue.

Click Issues in the left panel again to see your newly created issue in the issue tracker.

Want a more powerful issue tracker?

If you find the Bitbucket Cloud issue tracker lacks the features you need, you can integrate Bitbucket with Jira, to get the seamless integration of issues and code. 

Additional Help