You automatically get a set amount of free Git LFS file storage and you can buy an additional 100 GB of storage at $10 per month.

Manage huge files in Bitbucket with Git LFS

  • Bitbucket Cloud supports the Git Large File Storage (LFS) extension.
  • With Git LFS you'll get shorter clone and fetch times if you work with large files.
  • Read our tutorial about Git LFS and how to use it

Start using Git LFS with Bitbucket

Choose your start point, depending on whether you already have repos in Bitbucket:

New to Bitbucket? See our guide.

Use Bitbucket and Git LFS together

  • View your LFS files inside of Bitbucket.
  • See Atlassian's Git LFS for Bitbucket storage policy.
  • Note that there's no limit on the LFS file size you can push to Bitbucket Cloud.
  • There are workarounds for the current limitations with Git LFS for Bitbucket.
  • Troubleshoot problems with Git LFS in Bitbucket.