API request limits

Resource/rate limits and paging

Resource and rate limits, and the default and maximum sizes of paged data are not considered part of the API and are subject to change (possibly dynamically).

How calls are measured

Tracking the number of calls is measured based on if they are authenticated or unauthenticated calls as follows: 

  • Unauthenticated calls: measured against a specific IP address.

  • Authenticated calls: measured against the user ID.

Rate limits are divided into a one-hour rolling window for both authenticated and unauthenticated requests, which means that for every minute that passes, you will be provided that time to run new requests but the total you can run consecutively over an hour is 1,000. 

Anonymous Request limits

Anonymous requests are subject to a strict rate limit of 60 requests per hour across all API resources. If you need access to a larger request pool, logging in is required.

Authenticated Request limits

The following table defines our API request limits for authenticated requests:

Limit type


Git web (HTTPS://) requests

60,000 requests per hour

SSH requests (all SSH requests are rate limited)

30,000 requests per hour

Access to raw files                

Raw file requests: the number of times a file is actively downloaded, including files in the download section of the site.

This is not a limit on actions such as:

  • Pushing or pulling commits

  • Running a fetch command to get recent changes

  • Pushing or pulling a branch (unless that branch contains more than 1000 new files)

5,000 requests per hour                                        

Archive files: .zip, .gz, and other compressed archives of your repository.

5,000 files per hour

Access to repository data

Any access to /2.0/repositories/* such as:

  • List a user or team's repositories (/2.0/repositories/{workspace})

  • List all repositories on Bitbucket (/2.0/repositories)

  • List a repository's commits (/2.0/repositories/{workspace}/{slug}/commits)

1,000 per hour


Access to webhook data

Limited to the following actions across a workspace or repositories:

  • List all webhooks

  • Add webhooks

  • Remove webhooks

1,000 per hour


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