Create a repository in Bitbucket Cloud

If you're starting from scratch and have no files, create a repository on Bitbucket Cloud and then clone it to your local system.

  1. Select Create > select Repository from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select the Workspace where you want to create the repository. 

  3. Select a project from the Project dropdown menu. If a project does not exist, click on Create new project at the bottom of the Project dropdown menu to create a new project in which to work and collaborate with others on your repository.

  4. Enter a Repository name that will describe your repository and appear in its URL.

  5. Keep access to your repository set to Private unless you want to make your repository public so that anyone can see it.

  6. If you already have files that you want to add to your repository, select No from Include a README? Otherwise, go with the default option or select a one of the included README options.

  7. Select the Version control system. If you don't know the difference, keep Git as the default system.

  8. Click Create.

Clone your repository when you're done creating it.

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