As of July 1, Mercurial repositories are read-only

As of July 1, Mercurial repositories, snippets, and wikis are in read-only mode. After July 8th, 2020 they will no longer be accessible. Learn more

To get your existing code into Bitbucket Cloud quickly from another hosting site or system, Bitbucket provides an importer to grab a repository. This importer works if you have your code in CodePlex, GitHub, Google Code, SourceForge, or another Git-based hosting site. However, if your hosting site doesn't fall into one of these sources or you don't have a URL to enter, you can convert your code to Git.

Import from a hosting site

You can import from popular code hosting sites via the Bitbucket importer. When you import code from an external Git repository, the importer simply creates a clone of the repository which is then hosted in Bitbucket.

Importing a Git repo from a self-hosted server?

If your Git repository is on a self-hosted server (for example, Bitbucket Server), you must be running Git services to import the repository.

To import code:

  1. Click + in the global sidebar and select Repository under Create a new.
  2. Click Import repository from the Create a new repository page.
  3. Select the Source of the code you want to import.
  4. Depending on the Source, the system asks you to provide the following information:

    SourceRequired information
    CodePlexURL, Project name, Repository type
    GitURL, a Username/Password combination for private repositories that Require authorization
    MercurialURL, a Username/Password combination for private repositories that Require authorization
    SourceForgeURL, Project name, Repository type
  5. Enter a Name for your new repository.
  6. Uncheck This is a private repository if you want the repository to be public.
  7. Select the Repository type.
  8. Expand Advanced settings and fill out the rest of the page if necessary.
  9. Press Import repository.

Clone your repository when you're done importing it.

Convert from Subversion

If you have a Subversion repository, you need to convert it to Git first before you can import it to Bitbucket.

Subversion to Git

If you have a Subversion (SVN) repository that you'd like to convert to Git, refer to this guide from our Atlassian experts: Migrate to Git from SVN.