Add an App password to Sourcetree or another application

To add your App password to Sourcetree:

  1. Go to the tab where you'll add or edit your account details:

    1. (Windows) Go to Tools > Options. From the Options dialog, select the Authentication tab.

    2. (macOS) Go to Sourcetree > Preferences. From the dialog that options, select the Accounts tab.

  2. Select Edit to edit your account details or Add to add a new one.

  3. From Authentication or Auth Type, select Basic, and enter your Username if it's not already there.

  4. Enter the App password you just created as your Password. If you're on Windows, you'll need to select Refresh Password first.

  5. Select OK or Save to save your account details.

To add your App password to another application, see the application's documentation for how to apply the App password.

Additional Help