End of support for AWS CodeDeploy app removal - 2019-12-03

On 03 Dec 2019 Bitbucket is sunsetting the AWS CodeDeploy app in favor of its AWS CodeDeploy pipe. That means the AWS CodeDeploy app will no longer be listed in the marketplace, and new installations will be disabled. On 01 Jun 2020 any existing installations of the AWS CodeDeploy app will be removed.

When we announced our AWS CodeDeploy app in 2015, Bitbucket Pipelines didn’t exist yet. Even after Pipelines launched in 2016, the AWS CodeDeploy app was still relevant because it offered an out-of-the-box integrated experience with minimal configuration.

There are now over 50 different pipes to integrate with a variety of services, many that are specifically for deploying, including for AWS CodeDeploy. If you use the existing AWS CodeDeploy app, we’re encouraging you to start deploying your apps via the AWS CodeDeploy pipe instead.

Who is impacted by this change?

  • Bitbucket Cloud users that have the AWS CodeDeploy app installed.

Additional Help