Merge a pull request in Bitbucket Cloud

After your code has been reviewed in a pull request, click the Merge button to merge your branch into the main branch.

If your branch is behind in commits

As you work on a branch, others might have made updates to the main branch. As a result, you won't be working with the most up-to-date version of the main code. To update your branch and pull request with the new changes on the main branch:

  1. Go to your branch.

  2. Click the Commits tab.

  3. Click Sync now, then Sync in the popup.

  4. If you're still working on the branch locally, enter git pull in your command line before you continue.

If you have merge conflicts

If others have made changes that conflict with yours, you'll see a message notifying you of conflicts when you try to merge. To fix those conflicts before you can merge, you'll need to resolve merge conflicts first.

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