Add a table of contents to a wiki

Learn how to use the table-of-contents (TOC) macro to create a list of the topics (or sections) of a given wiki page.

The markup language you are using in your Wiki will determine what style of TOC you can create.  The following table shows the markup syntax for each available language.


Description and Markup


Allows you to create a TOC for the Wiki itself or just a page. Use the following to create a page-level TOC

1 <<toc>> 

You can also create a table of contents for a Wiki use:

1 <<toc path depth>>

For example, to list all the pages in your Wiki and their headings to a level of 2, enter the following:

1 <<toc / 2>>

See Macro Reference for Creole Markup in this documentation for more information.


You can only create a page-level table of contents. The syntax is:

1 [TOC]

See the extension documentation for more information.


You can create a page-level TOC. The syntax is as follows:

.. contents::

See the reStructureText documentation for more information.


You cannot create a TOC for a page or the Wiki itself with Textile.

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