Create a Repository Access Token

Repository Access Tokens are single-purpose access tokens (or passwords) with access to a single repository with limited permissions (specified at creation time). Use tokens for tasks such as scripting, CI/CD tools, and testing Bitbucket integrations or Marketplace apps while in development.

To create a Repository Access Token:

  1. At, navigate to the target repository for the Access Token. This repository is the only one that the Repository Access Token can access.

  2. On the sidebar, select Repository Settings.

  3. On the sidebar, under Security, select Access tokens.

  4. Select Create Repository Access Token.

  5. Give the Repository Access Token a name, usually related to the app or task that will use the token.

  6. Select the permissions the Repository Access Token needs. For detailed descriptions of each permission, see Repository Access Token permissions.

  7. Select the Create button. The page will display the Repository Access Token created dialog.

  8. Copy the generated token and either record or paste it into the app that requires access. The token is only displayed once and can't be retrieved later. Rather than recovering or reusing a Repository Access Token, create a new token and consider revoking the old token.

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