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We're getting ready to release improved navigation for Jira Cloud. Find out more about what's coming soon.

Welcome to your new Jira experience! 

With the aim of streamlining and improving your Jira experience, we're building a better Jira that's more focused and intuitive. We redesigned the navigation to make it easier for you to get stuff done. We've made a bunch of changes to improve search, made boards easier to read and use, and much more.

We're still making improvements and we'd love to hear your feedback during this early preview. Get in touch with us via the Give feedback link in your Jira profile menu.

Experience your new Jira in two easy steps

If you're not already enjoying the new experience:

  1. Select your profile picture in the Jira header.
  2. Select Experience the new Jira.

This switches on the new experience just for you. Members of your team will also need to enable the new experience for themselves. 

Two key changes to note

  • To search for boards and projects, click the global search icon in the sidebar: 
  • To create a new issue, click the global icon in the sidebar: 

A refreshed look and feel

Take some time to browse the new Jira. We created a simple and modern UI that makes the power of Jira more accessible. We also threw in a few personal touches, like new illustrations, to make you feel more at home.

Have a look around and let us know what you think. These sample screenshots should give you an idea of what to expect: