Create and edit issues and subtasks on the timeline

Before you begin

In order to create and edit issues and subtasks, you’ll need the create issue and edit issue permission.

Learn more about project permissions for your company-managed project.

Learn more about project permissions for your team-managed project.

Create a new issue on the timeline

There are two ways you can create a new issue from the timeline view. Creating an issue will add it to the timeline, as well as all other views in your project. Here’s one way of creating an issue:

  1. Select the + Create button at the bottom of the timeline. A text field will appear.

  2. Give your issue a name.

  3. Choose which type of issue you’d like to create from the dropdown (if your project has more than one issue type). All issue types associated with your business project except for subtasks, will be included. Learn more about creating subtasks.

  4. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue.

alt="Creating an issue in the timeline view."

Another way to create an issue from the timeline is to:

  1. Hover your cursor in between the two issues you want to create a new issue between.

  2. Select the + symbol.

  3. A text field will appear. Start typing to give your issue a name.

  4. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue.

alt="Creating an issue in between issues in the timeline view."

Learn how to create an issue anywhere in Jira.

View and edit issues in detail from the timeline

To view an issue in more detail, select its issue key on the left of the timeline. This appears as a string of letters and numbers such, for example, ABC-123.

The issue view will open, where you can view its description, status, assignee, and other information in more detail.

Wondering how to edit an issue? Learn more.

Tasks and subtasks

Break down tasks into smaller subtasks in your timeline view. Subtasks are smaller tasks that relate to the overarching objective.

You can create subtasks if your business project has subtasks as a default issue type.

Learn how to add a subtask as an issue type.

To create a subtask, you'll need to:

  1. Select the plus symbol + in the row of the item you’d like to create a subtask for.

  2. Enter a summary of what needs to be done for this subtask.

  3. Press enter.

alt="Creating a subtask in the timeline view."

Search the timeline

You can search by keyword or issue key in the timeline view. Enter the keyword or issue key you want to search the issues for and all issues containing that keyword will be shown.

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