Change your business project's background color

Customizing the project background is a simple way to color-code your projects and give them a unique identity. Each project in Jira Work Management can be given a different colored background by admins.

alt="Background color changing."

How to change the background color

Only project admins can change the background color.

Changing the project background color can be done any time by clicking the paint bucket icon next to the project name.

  1. Select the paint bucket icon next to the project name.

  2. Choose which background color you'd like for the project.

alt="Selecting background color for project."

What background colors are available?

alt="Color palette. Color names in the following paragraph."
  • White

  • Light purple

  • Light blue

  • Light teal

  • Light green

  • Light yellow

  • Light red

  • Dark neutral

  • Dark purple

  • Dark blue

  • Dark teal

  • Dark green

  • Dark yellow

  • Dark red

Who can change this setting?

This can only be set by Jira and project admins for that project.

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