Integrate your deployments with Jira

The Deployments feature gives you greater visibility of deployments by tracking and displaying Git Pipelines against the Jira issues over a time scale. You can visualize the progress of a work-item as it moves through your deployment pipeline.

To enable the Deployments feature, you’ll first need to integrate Jira Software with your deployment or CI/CD provider. Learn how to connect your CI/CD Pipelines with your project.

For a next-gen software project, refer to Enable deployments.

Enable Deployments for your classic software project

Only project admins can enable and disable features on a project.

  1. Navigate to your classic software project.

  2. Go to Project Settings Deployments.

  3. Enable the Deployments feature.

A new menu item, Deployments, will be added to the project menu.

Integrate your deployment pipelines with Jira

The Deployments screen will display a list of issues and deployments information with options to filter by the environments.

To display deployment information in your project, include issue keys in your branch names, commit messages, and pull requests. Learn how to reference issues in your development work.

Read more about the features available when integrating Jira Software with your development tools.

Understand your deployments view

The deployments view comes with the following filters and settings:

  • Search: In this text filter, specify the keywords to display issues of your interest and their associated deployment pipelines.

  • Environment: Using this filter, laser focus the deployments view on a development instance by selecting an environment from the dropdown.

  • Epic: This filter allows you to group deployments and issues by epics. You can also filter the issues that don’t have a parent epic.

  • Type: This filter allows you to sort issues by types.

  • Deployments settings: This pane allows you to configure the deployments view using sub-menus such as Environment types, Icons, and Issues. You can also disable the deployments feature using the information on this pane.

Configure your deployments view

To configure the deployments view, navigate to Deployments settings pane on the board. It contains the following sub-menus:


Environment types

Customize your deployments view through environment types. Select environment types to modify the view for visualizing deployment statuses over a time scale.


  • Deployment keys: Hide or show the deployment status on the time scale.

  • Multiple deployments: Hide or show the number of deployment environments corresponding to each issue in your project timeline.


  • Show issues without deployments: Hide or show the issues that are not associated with any deployments.

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