Set up and monitor Bitbucket Deployments



When you are using Bitbucket Pipelines to deploy your code, application, or artifacts, it's helpful to be able to see the status of your deployment environments, and visibility over each environment's code changes. Bitbucket can help you keep track.

You can also configure your deployment environments so that only specific branches or admins can deploy to them. This combined with independent deployment variables for each environment, which are only editable by admins, means you know exactly who can deploy your code or application, to where.

To make this all happen, first, define your environments in Bitbucket settings. You can set their name, the order they show on your dashboard, any variables specific to that environment and who can deploy to each one. Then reference them in your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file to see them on your deployments dashboard.

Over the next few pages we'll introduce you to the deployments dashboard and how to:

We also have some guidance on deployment best practices, if you'd like some tips.



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