Bitbucket Cloud Premium plan

Bitbucket Premium is for software teams who need greater control, security, and accountability over their team's workflow.

Bitbucket Premium costs $6 per user, per month and comes with even more value than the Standard plan, including:

  • Features designed for growing software teams.

  • 3,500 build minutes per month - 1,000 more Pipelines build minutes per month than the Standard plan.

  • 10 GB of large file storage - twice as much large file storage than the Standard plan.

Learn more about our pricing model.

Merge checks

With a Premium plan, you can enforce merge checks which helps ensure every pull request is fully vetted before it gets merged. Requiring checks before a merge help your team master the development process with the ability to:

  • Require successful builds before merging

  • Require code review and approval before merging

  • Require review approvals on the latest commit

  • Require pull request task completion

  • Automatically schedule pull requests to merge when builds pass

Together with branch permissions, merge checks help you set up the development workflow which best fits your team's needs.

Access controls

Access controls give you the ability to make sure users meet certain requirements before accessing your private repositories, wikis, issue trackers, and team admin pages. The access controls we currently have include:

  • Requiring two-step verification—Require that the users who can access your private content are only able to view or interact with that content if they've enabled two-step verification.

  • Allowlisting IP addresses—Restrict access of your private content to users on certain IP addresses.

Deployment permissions

Setting up deployment permissions allows you greater control over who and what can deploy to specific environments when using Pipelines.

For each deployment environment you can:

  • Prevent people who are not admins from deploying.

  • Only allow deployment from specific branches.

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