Does Bitbucket backup my repositories?

We understand your concern, and treat reliability and security very seriously.

We store source code repositories on a high performance storage service provided by a vetted storage vendor. This is backed by fault-tolerant hardware in a high-availability configuration with redundancy at the controller, disk, and network level. Within each AWS region, the vendor guarantees 99.9999999% durability per year. Beyond this built-in resilience within the primary region, we also duplicate all repository data to another instance of the service in a geographically diverse region.

Our backups are for disaster recovery purposes only. We are not able to use our backups to restore repositories that have been deleted by an end user.

Our database, which stores information such as accounts, issues, and comments, is also automatically replicated to another geographically diverse AWS region. Snapshot backups are generated hourly and retained for 30 days to allow for point-in-time data restoration. Snapshots are encrypted at rest, and our platform service performs periodic automated tests of backup integrity.

We maintain a public record of uptime for Bitbucket at We also provide information at in the event of an outage. We perform quarterly disaster recovery tests to validate our complete capability to fail over to our secondary region in the case of emergency.

One of the great features of distributed version control systems (DVCS), such as Git, is that they're distributed. Backups are still very important, but consider that every person in your workspace that has forked your repository has a complete copy with a full history. Also, it's very easy to setup mirrors and automated backups to pull recent changesets. This is something the Atlassian Community can help make recommendations on.

Note: On rare occasions, our Support team can help recover core repository content only, as long as the deletion happened within the last 7 days. We are unable to recover metadata or any content that was deleted past 7 days.

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