What user permissions can I grant?

All plans include user permissions which grant account owners the ability to choose which pages team members can manage. Only account owners of Statuspage organizations using Atlassian accounts can see and edit user permissions.

Setting up user permissions

A site or org admin should go to the User management page (by selecting their avatar > User management) to set each existing team member’s permissions, otherwise, team members will encounter errors when trying to access pages. See this documentation for instructions on how to set up these user permissions.

When site or org admin adds a new user through Atlassian administration, the admin will need to finish the new user’s account setup in Statuspage by selecting their page access permissions.

Some other things to consider

For organizations with only one page, all team members can create new pages and invite new team members. For organizations with more than one page, only account owner(s) have the right to add new pages.

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