Add a new status page

Helpful terms

Public page - Anyone with internet access can view public pages. Communicate quickly with all page viewers during an incident.

Private page - Authenticated users can view private pages. Communicate privately with page viewers who can access your page via internal authentication tools.

Audience-specific page - Pre-specified users and groups can view audience-specific pages. Set permissions for who can view this page and what notifications they can receive.

Add a new status page

  1. Access the page switcher dropdown from any page at the top left of your screen.

  2. Click the page switcher and you’ll see a dropdown appear with all your pages listed.

  3. Click + Add another page.

  4. Enter a page name and select your page type (public, private, or audience-specific) from the dialogue that appears.

  5. Click Add.

Your page will be created in trial mode. You can change your page type and activate your page later.

Additional Help