Integrate with Zendesk

Statuspage offers integrations with several Zendesk products, enabling you to make your service status visible to both support agents and end customers.

Zendesk Support integration

The Zendesk Support integration gives support agents visibility to any active incidents or maintenance on your status page.

Once you set up the integration, you'll see a Statuspage icon in your Zendesk Support workspace. When an active incident or scheduled maintenance has been posted to your status page, it will be indicated with a badge displaying the number of open incidents/maintenances.

Support agents can click into this icon for more details about a given incident, and will have the option to navigate to the overall status page or the specific incident posting for more details. Agents can post current status information into a ticket comment with the click of a button.

Zendesk Chat integration

With the Zendesk Chat integration, agents get the same visibility to service status for use when chatting with customers. Agents can see details about any ongoing incidents or maintenance, and then easily send this information as a chat message to the customer.

Zendesk Guide integration

The Zendesk Guide integration lets customers see Statuspage incidents on your Help Center pages. This keeps customers informed of any service incidents or degradation, reducing the need for them to raise support requests.

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