Update personal information and notifications

Update personal info and notifications

1. Click your avatar in the top right corner of any page.
2. Click Profile from the menu that appears.
3. Edit any of your personal information and your notification preferences.
4. Click Save.

See the notification types below to help inform your notification preference selections.

Notification types

Admin emails vs. subscriber emails

The notifications shown below all refer to admin emails and come from the following named address: Statuspage <noreply@statuspage.io>

Subscriber emails come from noreply@statuspage.io by default but can be changed by following the instructions outlined in the Customize email notifications help article.

Long-running degraded component notifications

If you have a component with a status other than 'Operational' for more than 3 hours, it's likely you have just forgotten about it. We send email reminders when this happens just in case you forgot. These notifications are sent after 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours.

Scheduled maintenance reminders

We send out reminders 3 hours before your scheduled maintenances are set to begin.

External account issues

Receive an email when your twitter account, chat room, or metrics integration breaks. These things break sometimes due to authentication, and we'll email you when it happens.

New product and feature announcements

Receive updates about new product features.

Team member access requests

Get notifications when someone requests you create an account for them.

Billing receipts

Receive monthly invoices when your account is charged. You can also set a non-team member invoice recipient under the Billing Info section.

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